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7:20 pm
Festival Day
Saturday 17 Feb
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Recent years have seen multiple ARIA-nominated musician and songwriter Mo’Ju enter new realms of renown, their brand of visceral storytelling striking at the heart of a country whose social and cultural climate was manoeuvring a particular state of unrest and change.

A full spectrum of emotion and sonic textures marry together in Mo’Ju’s music, producing sounds that can be equal measures of sensuality, vulnerability and hard-hitting strength. When their 2018 studio album Native Tongue was released to wide spread acclaim, it was not without debate, Native Tongue ignited and inspired some long overdue, sometimes tough, conversations.

The inability to categorise where an artist such as Mo’Ju fits has been a common narrative throughout their career. However, the Naarm-based musician, songwriter, storyteller and third culture kid (Filipino/Wiradjuri), is not here to be boxed in and commodified. Their music is created in alignment with a central artistic vision that is built on truth, authenticity and most importantly, legacy.

For Mo’Ju, the last few years have been monumental in terms of professional and personal change. Becoming a parent as the world was entering a period of unprecedented turmoil, dramatically shifted their perspectives and priorities.

Mo’Ju enters 2023 with a fresh perspective and presenting a new body of work with their fourth studio LP, ‘ORO, PLATA, MATA’. Shedding the pressures that carried over from the huge success of their last record, Mo’Ju engages in this new creative phase, reawaken ed, refreshed and looking to the future, while drawing strength and inspiration from the past.

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