Mathilde Anne looking at the camera with a soft red light glowing over her face.

Mathilde Anne

  • Pop

  • Rock

1:20 pm
Festival Day
Sunday 18 Feb
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When artist Mathilde Anne tells her story, you know she’s speaking for you too. Whether in haunting beauty, or lyrically shooting from the hip, Mathilde speaks her mind. Wildly writing from personal experience and feeling, her sights are always set on offering a sense of understanding and representation.

Mathilde has amassed fierce inspiration from the likes of modern artists Gracie Abrams, Julia Stone, Sir Chloe, as well as all-time legends The Kinks, Blondie, Otis Redding, and The Rolling Stones. Growing up in a musical household means her limbs and soul are now deeply rooted in music of all genres and timelines.

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