Lewis Ciavarella

  • Dance

  • Indie

  • Electronic

1:00 pm
Festival Day
Sunday 18 Feb
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Hailing from Melbourne, Australia, Lewis Ciavarella is a musical prodigy who, since his debut in 2018, has consistently released an impressive catalogue, featuring 2 bodies of work and multiple singles. As a multi-instrumentalist, he effortlessly navigates diverse genres, infusing his compositions with emotion and storytelling finesse. Lewis, a seasoned performer, has graced numerous stages in Melbourne, leaving audiences captivated with his powerful performances and charismatic stage presence. Collaborating with local artists, he enriches the Australian music scene with his unique contributions, seamlessly blending modern influences into his timeless sound. With a genuine love for music, Lewis continues to evolve, exploring new creative avenues, leaving an indelible mark on the vibrant tapestry of Melbourne's music scene.

The Espy Live Stage