Bernadette Novembre

  • Alternative

  • Indie

  • Rock

6:00 pm
Festival Day
Sunday 18 Feb
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Bernadette Novembre recorded her debut Album in January 2023 and continues to preview her new work around various venues in Australia ahead of a launch early in 2024. Hyped to be the next big thing in Indie Rock, Bernadette's new music can be described as a mix of late 1960’s Rock and Brit/Alternative Rock with influences such as The Beatles, George Harrison, The Doors, David Bowie, Janis Joplin and PJ Harvey. A surrealist at heart, Bernadette's new music has been described as 'Avant-Indie Alt Rock on the dreamscape'. The songwriting pedigree is evident throughout her new music with co-songwriter and Producer Joshua Moriarty (of bands Miami Horror, Telenova and All The Colours) on board.

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