St Kilda Sports Club

  • Sam from Digger and the Pussycats

  • Burn in Hell

  • River of Snakes

  • Murrays Bay Country Club


St Kilda Sports Club, 66 Fitzroy St, St Kilda VIC 3182

Who's playing

Sam from Digger and the Pussycats

Sam has been playing low fi garage rock n roll for over 20 years. His main projects, Digger and the Pussycats, a two man show, and Brat Farrar, a one man studio venture, Sam plays outta control rock n roll at its best. His records have been released all around the world on various labels, and still playing to packed rooms to this day, Sam is one of Melbourne's finest rock n roll heroes.

Burn in Hell

Burn in Hell formed about 12 years ago and have been performing in Melbourne throughout that time. The band have released 4 albums (on vinyl, cd and digital download thru Beast Records) and have toured Europe five times.

Gary has been playing piano for more than 20 years and began performing solo gigs in various venues around the St Kilda area in 2015.

River of Snakes

This fuzz-demented three piece have been tearing apart stages and splintering ears for over three and a half years now in their hometown of Melbourne, as well as trekking thousands of kilometres to play any (and every) interstate city and regional centre in Australia that will have them. This is a band that thrives on raw spirit and DIY attitude. The band is made up of Raul Sanchez, best known for his role as guitarist in Magic Dirt, Midnight Woolf and The Ape, Elissa Rose from the powerful and grungy The Loveless and Ben Wrecker from the heavy and noisy Hotel Wrecking City Traders.

Murrays Bay Country Club

This life is full of questions, and there's answers that you'll seek. Like "how much beef could electric creek beef if electric creek could creek beef?" Luckily the fellas from the M.B.C.C with their toe tapping good time country tunes have you sorted. So call your Dog, jump in your Truck, turn it up and Reel Em' In! Cause down at the Murrays Bay Country Club, when you Fish, You Best Sing!

Feb 16, 8:00 PM