Hailing from Adelaide, MANE’s explosive indie pop has the unique ability to have you in awe of her energy while simultaneously singing along to the saddest of songs.

ANE’s groundswell really began last year, with the release of single ‘What If the Love Dies’ – a track that saw Eric J (Flume, Chet Faker) on the production. It garnered attention from across the globe and was described by Dom Alessio (triple j) as ‘something enchanting… a dark, caliginous pop song’.

The single was accompanied by a beautiful cinematic clip to which heavy weights Rolling Stone got behind and helped propel into the public.

Paige Court, the voice of the MANE moniker has described her new single ‘Chasing Butterflies’ as a song about relentlessly searching for that feeling of excitement in something or someone over and over again; ‘it’s about loving to love but getting bored really quickly’.

Written to evaluate the behaviour and cycles of pain, the track encapsulates Court’s ability to balance heavy subjects with anthemic styling. The single has received glowing reviews with a recent full rotation add to Australia’s triple j.

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