Dr Sure's Unusual Practice

3:20 pm

Dr Sure’s Unusual Practice (DSUP) make high-energy post-punk of and for the times, spouting potent political themes but always with tongue firmly in cheek.

Appearing on the Melbourne scene fully formed in November 2018, DSUP have been going hard in their short lifespan – touring up the East Coast four times, releasing a cassette, a series of surrealist video clips and most recently their debut album ‘The West’. Released independently on their own sharehouse record label, Marthouse Records, the album went on to debut at Number 2 on the Australian 100% Independent charts (AIR/ARIA).

Having set themselves a blinding pace in their first year they show no signs of slowing down. With a second album well underway and a handful of festival appearances under their belt, 2020 is looking even bigger for Dr Sure’s Unusual Practice.

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