The Melbourne Rebetiko Ensemble | St Kilda Festival
The Melborne Rebetiko Ensemble

The Melbourne Rebetiko Ensemble

The Melbourne Rebetiko Ensemble consists of some of Melbournes best Rebetiko Greek Musicians, Achilles Yiangoulli, Dean Georgalas, Stavrina Dimitriou and Con Kalamaras. Having played most festivals around Australia including Darwin, Sydney, Brunswick Music Festival to name a few. This ensemble camptures the essense of Rebetika, often known as the Greek Blues from the early 1930's and 1940's.

What is Rebetika? Rebetika is story telling spanning love, loss, drugs, and heart-breaking refugee tales. Rebetika has always been the music of the poor and the dispossessed, combining different musical styles of the region and with lyrics describing the joy, the sorrow, and the difficulties of everyday life. Often called the Greek blues, since like the blues, it grew out of a specific urban subculture and reflected the harsh realities of an oppressed subculture's lifestyle.


Sunday 12 February




Alfred Square Stage