Mau Power | St Kilda Festival
Yalukit Wilum Ngargee Mau Power

Mau Power

Mau Power is a lyrical storyteller from Thursday Island in the Torres Straits. He is the first rapper to tour from this part of Australia & for many years he has been guided by two cultures, Indigenous culture and Hip Hop culture. “The only way for me to tell the story of how these cultures entwine and connect is for me to tell my own story.” The result is Mau Power’s new album, The Show Will Go On.

With a proud heritage from the Dhoebaw Clan of the Guda Maluilgal Nations, Mau Power is the first rapper to emerge out of the Torres Strait and break out on the Australian music scene. Born, raised and still living in the Ailands, he is as Torres Strait as they come.

It is the art of storytelling that embodies the connection of two cultures that makes Mau Power a truly unique Australian artist with universal appeal.

Fresh off a standout London show, a national tour, a performance at the incredible Soul Fest and an international song writing competition (ISC) Award, it is safe to say Mau Power has been doing great things in recent times. Add to this he and his music have been played on industry icons such as Rage and Triple J. He has shot two brilliant videos, one shot on location on TI and the other alongside Indigenous legends Archie Roach and Albert David. He has been running workshops, played countless shows. Indeed Mau Power and his team have been on fire in recent times, and the plan for him is to only get bigger, better and to continue to write moving music and to represent his people and culture on a global scale.


4 February 2017




O'Donnell Gardens, St Kilda