Mallrat | St Kilda Festival


Mallrat is the Hannah Montana of the rap game, the 16 year old growing up in late 2015 across blogs and radio worldwide. Some 200,000 spins on Spotify later, and Mallrat has been super busy preparing an amazing debut EP that sets new benchmarks in combining surgical insight, somehow blissful melancholy, and indie pop sensibilities.

The 16 year old shot to attention with her incredible indie hip hop/electronica/pop-rap hybrid track “Suicide Blonde” gathering praise from the good folks attriple j and FBi (Artist of the Week), international tastemakers HillyDilly, Pigeons and Planes, Pilerats, and many others. Next up for Mallrat was “Sunglasses”, a unique slice of current nostalgia with just the right combination of tropical electro sounds, darkly skewed rapping and an incredible summertime chorus.

Apart from catching all the right ears, Mallrat played her first shows recently to huge crowds supporting none other than Allday, and will step on stage at the giant Come Together Festival in Sydney in just her third ever show.

Mallrat’s debut EP will be released by teamtrick/Create Control, the label behind Allday and Baro’s AIR chart topping debut releases, and production is once again handled by beat genius Tigerilla.

Inside Voices is the first single from her debut EP, and Mallrat once again delivers a bittersweet record of danceable, relatable disconsolation.

“We suspect that it’s only a matter of time until people become familiar with her track here as a certified cult hit.” – Hilly Dilly

“Suicide Blonde” shows off two skill sets: an angelic voice and charming, leftfield delivery.” – Pigeons & Planes

“One to watch for sure.” – Max Quinn, Triple J

“Can't stand still listening to this one.” – Bridget Hustwaite, Triple J


Sunday 12 February




The Push Stage