Clairy Browne | St Kilda Festival
Clairy Browne

Clairy Browne

Chameleon-like, Browne slips between personas, from femmebot killer to super vixen. She is the street fashionista who loves Moschino, acrylic nails, and every shade of pink. She is also the boss bitch who wants to grind you beneath her stiletto heel.

Browne’s previous incarnation as the leading lady of Clairy Browne and the Bangin’ Rackettes, a high-drama girl-group R&B extravaganza responsible for the hit single Love Letter, was made even more famous after its use a Heineken commercial and two JC Penney spots recently.

Browne’s brand new album Pool simmers with unabashed feminist anthems, harking back to Browne’s time spent as the blogger behind My Name is Lena, where she wrote about gender politics. 


Sunday 12 February




Main Stage