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Earlier this year, PRICIE made her grand debut with the release of her powerful and charismatic single ‘too dang good’, leading the rapper, singer-songwriter to be labelled as one to watch. Now the Australia/Nigerian talent gives fans another taste of her fresh, slick and soulful sound, releasing ‘FRIENDZONE’, featuring one of Australia’s most in-demand talents, Genesis Owusu. ‘FRIENDZONE’ is another step in the right direction for this budding newcomer, showcasing PRICIE’s deep, raw and emotive vocals, complemented by Genesis Owusu’s infectious lyricism, and contrasted by a minimal and refined hip-hop beat.

Known for her attitude towards self love and appreciation through her music, PRICIE continues to shed light on female empowerment. Speaking to the meaning behind the lyrics on the new single, she shares “‘FRIENDZONE’, the title no-one wants. It’s something a lot of us have experienced (I actually haven’t though, cause I’m a pimp). I wrote this track about a situation I spectated, where a friend of mine was playing the friendzone game basically pulling a female along and adoring her and everything about her, but not putting a title on it.

On stage where she is most comfortable, the young artist is notching up a wide range of performances in her relatively short career. Most recently, PRICIE landed a coveted support slot for the Melbourne leg of Genesis Owusu’s album tour at The Corner Hotel. With eager fans being delighted with a one-off special performance of the new single ‘FRIENDZONE’, PRICIE and Owusu’s infectious energy filled the room, creating a whole new buzz about the breakout artist. Whilst also performing via TikTok for Isol-Aid, and previously touring alongside Winston Surfshirt, Beyond the Valley, and Secret Garden Festival, as well as performances with New Zealand singer Matthew Young, and Okenyo for ‘The Wave’ tour.

With her list of accolades ever growing, and a plethora of both music and shows to be announced throughout 2021, make sure to keep a firm eye on this diverse and ever so talented artist.

Foreshore Stage | Fri 11 Feb