• Hip Hop

Originally hailing from Sydney and growing up in a Jewish household to a single mother, Freeds began writing songs in his youth, influenced by his love for rapping and storytelling.

Freeds’ sound lands somewhere in between indie pop and hip hop, blending live instruments with samples to create a breezy and off-beat style of his own.

What’s interesting about Freeds is the undertone of optimism that surrounds themes of depression, anxiety and self-doubt; it’s a juxtaposition of introspective lyrics and a witty delivery that oozes charm. “I’m all about contrast and balance in music, my aim is always to make something that’s accessible but still left-field enough to be unique and representative of me.”

Not Finished Yet is the upcoming EP that delves further into Freeds’ relatable blend of catchy pop with a lo-fi, bedroom flavour and sprinkling of rap. The first single Fruit Bats has amassed over 500k streams across platforms and received spot plays on Triple J. The last single from the project Seafoam Green has been championed by the editorial teams at Spotify and Apple, while the video was featured on Rage.

This act is competing in the 2022 St Kilda Festival New Music Competition. Watch all the acts, pick your favourite and vote!

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