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Juggernaut DJs

10 Sunday 2013

Main Stage

After spending many years touring the globe multiple times, recording and releasing much music and moonshine far and wide, and after performing across nearly every major festival from Coachella to Glastonbury to Fuji Rock, the guys decided to take a breather. They spent the last two years hiding in a lost Himalayan monkey temple, astral travelling through slime and space, meditating through random ice caves and playing table tennis with monkey eyes. When the batteries died on Dan's remote control helicopter they knew it was time to return.

After the long break of miscellaneous activities, they've now regrouped and are writing a soon to be released album. Recording in an old church in the French countryside, as well as a wild and turbulent land known as Australia, the band are soon set to release some new sounds to the global surrounds. To get back into the swing, they'll be DJing some special one off shows to trial some new tunes, some old favourites, and test the waters of babylon. It's a new chapter, and Dan's pet monkey is along for the ride!
Lara Vs The Savage Pack

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