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Soundkraft Records

10 Sunday 2013

Catani Gardens

Hurray! It’s Summer! It’s time to head over to the Soundkraft Records stage in Catani Gardens for a fantastic party featuring one of Australia's favorites - DJ Jody McLeod (NOVA 100) and a special guest. The stage also showcases Melbourne's Wah Wah Lounge DJs: Holly-J, Juicy, Eddie Stephens, Damon Walsh, Torren Foot, Luke Montgomery, Nick Kennedy, Jack Talbot, along with sets from Nathan Olson and Rubal ka Band (Dj Set).

Ample sunlight, palm trees dancing to the pleasantly perfumed sea breeze and fun vibes are all legitimate reasons for Melbourne's movers and shakers to conglomerate and party under the summer sun. Come on down for a free boogie whilst you enjoy the company of your mates and perfect strangers from around the world. Mixing tunes on Festival Sunday from noon till 8pm, the DJs boast a repertoire of the most cherished dance music to make your festival experience the most memorable one yet!

The Soundkraft Records stage is proudly sponsored by Wah Wah Lounge, Flexicar, Razer, National Audio and iFrogz.
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