Womin Jeka mirambeekbeek. Boonwurrung Nairm derp Borduprenuther willam.

Welcome to my country, the land of the great bay of the Boonwurrung people, our beautiful home. On behalf of the Boonwurrung, a clan of the greater Kulin nations, I welcome you to our land. Euro Yuroke - more commonly known as St Kilda - and its surrounds are special places which continue to carry forward the spirit of our tradition. This land will always be protected by the creator, Bunjil, who travels as an eagle, and by Waarn, who protects the waterways and travels as a crow. As the spirit of my ancestors lives, let the wisdom and the spirit of generosity which Bunjil taught us influence the opportunities that may arise at this meeting place.

Womin Jeka mirambeek beek. Boonwurrung Nairm derp Bordupren uther willam.

Carolyn Briggs
Arweet/ Traditional Boonwurrung Clan Head
National NAIDOC Female of the Year 2011


St Kilda has a long and proud connection with Australian music. It’s been the stomping ground of influential Australian musicians and bands, home to iconic live music venues, and a source of inspiration to artists from Paul Kelly to The Cat Empire.  

It is also host to Melbourne’s longest surviving contemporary music festival, the St Kilda Festival.
The enduring popularity of this festival reflects the buzzing year-round live music culture of our city and state.

Around 3,000 gigs are performed at live music venues in Victoria every week, attracting more than 5.4 million attendances a year. That’s more than the number of people who go to AFL games in Victoria!

Last year’s St Kilda Festival welcomed more than 400,000 people on Festival Sunday alone – another example of just how much we Victorians love our live music.

The Victorian Government is committed to ensuring that our music scene continues to thrive. We’re giving a leg-up to local musicians and bands, cutting the red tape for live music venues, and supporting music events such as the St Kilda Festival.    

Congratulations to the festival team on another extraordinary offering of free events, ranging from the week-long Live N Local program to the main stage performances on the foreshore.

To quote the great Paul Kelly, "I'd give you all of Sydney Harbour – all that land, all that water – for that one sweet promenade".

There’s no better time to enjoy our ‘sweet promenade’ than during the 2012 St Kilda Festival.


Ted Baillieu MLA
Premier and Minister for the Arts

Welcome to the 32nd St Kilda Festival - it is with great pleasure that I open this year’s Festival.

The live music scene has had a long association with St Kilda and this Council is committed to providing opportunities for emerging Australian musicians to showcase their talents.

The St Kilda Festival line up reflects the City of Port Phillip’s rich and eclectic history, with something for everyone. 

Council is proud to provide ongoing support to this iconic community event, which we work hard at keeping free and open to all. We are also proud that this year’s Festival presents a diverse array of performers including Indigenous, youth and multicultural groups.

Leave the car at home and use public transport, or ride your bikes – the Festival precinct is a car free zone so it’s a great day to ride.  We have now introduced a bicycle valet service so no bike parking blues this year!

Can I also ask you to remember that smoking and glass are not allowed on the sand at any Port Phillip beaches- “No Cuts No Butts”

A very big thank you to Arts Victoria for their support, which is vital to the continuation of the Festival and its support for live music and artists.

Enjoy the Festival everyone.
Cr Rachel Powning
Mayor, City of Port Phillip

There are a thousand reasons why the St Kilda Festival is important, and here a just a few of them.

It’s free, which means no matter how many music festivals or other things you’ve done this summer, you can still come.

It’s in St Kilda, so you get to spend the day not only in St Kilda’s beaches and parks but also catching up with all the shops, bars, restaurants and markets that keep you coming back throughout the year.

It’s got something for everyone – kids, adults and everyone in between; whether you want to learn to fish, learn to dance, watch some summer sport or just watch people.

But most importantly, it is all about Australian music, and this year offers you a massive 132 bands over 9 days. Australian music that brings us together for a summer celebration on the beach, on the streets, in the venues and all around.

So mark these dates in your diary and make sure you make the most of it:
Yalukit Willam Ngargee (main day): 4th Feb
Live N Local: 5th – 11th Feb
Festival Sunday: 12th Feb
This program will give you all the details so you can plan ahead – or just come and see what you discover.

There are also some thanks to be had, to those without whom none of this would happen.

To all the artists, performers, venues and community groups taking part in the 2012 Festival – this one will go down in history and thanks for your support.

The state government through Arts Victoria, recognising the importance of musicians and live music.

Our many sponsors – like minded partners who get what this Festival is about and join us with their help and support (and fun).

All the Festival staff, crew and volunteers giving up their summer to make this happen, and not without some blood, sweat and tears poured in.

And the City of Port Phillip, our very own rock n roll council who breathe life into this event each year and understand what it means to everyone.

Welcome to the 2012 St Kilda Festival, see you there.
Adele Denison
Festival Producer
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