12 February 2012

12:45 PM

Alfred Square Stage


my space
my space

“I found myself smiling for the whole set and when I turned around I noticed the whole audience doing exactly the same thing” – Richard Moffat, Way Over There
The ReChords bring upbeat & catchy melodies mixed with good old stories of hard living and at times... obscure tales, harking back to earlier times when men were men, stories were tall but their pants were taller. Hillbilly,bBluegrass, earlyrRhythm &bBlues from the 40’s through to the 60’s are all heavy influences and referenced with hints of dooowop, garage and rock n roll infused throughout. The power of this music and the history behind it brought together three musicians who felt the same passion and enthusiasm. But it went beyond the music, it became more than that... the clothes, the attitude and possibly the romanticism have helped create the band's persona.

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