Run Billy Run
12:45 PM
Alfred Square Stage


When a bunch of bearded fellas get together and bash out slightly macarbre tunes on acoustic guitars and slightly strange percussion while all singing at the top of their lungs you know you’re in for a good time.

In retrospect it's obvious that horror and country music go together like peas and carrots - it just took Graveyard Train to show us.

Utilising unorthodox old timey instruments and a six part baritone vocal delivery the Graveyard Train have created a unique sound and an equally unique way to deliver it. In 3 years Graveyard Train have risen in popularity to become an underground sensation; their legendary live shows have won over fans across Australia, from Melbourne all the way to Tamworth – foot stomping, chain smashing, hell raising antics seems to be something everyone can relate to. The macabre seems to be the order of the day.